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November - March

Green season is full of surprises, one of which is it’s the most affordable time of year to visit Botswana!

Contrary to popular belief,  Botswana is a spectacular year-round destination as one never knows what surprises nature has in store at any given time.  This is especially true when it comes to the summer or GREEN season months of November to March which is a time of new beginnings, vibrance, and abundance.

  • After the first rains, which usually fall in mid-November, the dry, dull, brown bush quickly rejuvenates and in no time at all there is a profusion of fresh, green foliage and carpets of flowers.
  • The circle of life is never more prevalent than during the birthing season.  Where there are babies there is bound to be plenty of predator action.
  • With an abundance of food and water available the animals are in pristine condition.
  • Birdlife is great year-round but in green season it’s spectacular.  By mid-December, most of the migrant species have arrived swelling Botswana’s bird population by around a third
  • Some of nature’s smallest creatures make their presence known, this is the time of year when butterflies and frogs are at their most active.
  • Clean air, rich, deep colors, and dramatic skies, especially after an afternoon thunderstorm, are an inspiration to photographers.
  • Visitor numbers are low resulting in a more exclusive safari experience.   Better still, green season is the most affordable time of year to travel as there are always special offers and/or value adds which may mean you can stay longer.
  • By traveling in green season, you are indirectly supporting local businesses and communities.