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Home to one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in Africa

Botswana is a country located in Southern Africa, bordered by South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

It has always been a highlight of any safari-goer. The Okavango Delta is a UNESCO world heritage site truly worthy of its title, the country is home to several national parks all unique in their own right.

Botswana is known the world over for its abundant and vast array of wildlife. From large Kalahari black mane lion to the majestic roan antelope, from lechwe prancing through the delta to the dry arid regions that aardvark call home. With the reintroduction of rhino, a handful of years ago one may be lucky enough to spot the Big 5.

Known for its big skies and breathtaking sunsets Botswana’s natural beauty is indescribable. From the wetlands of the Okavango Delta in the northwest to the pans of the Makgadikgadi in the northeast.  Botswana truly has it all and so much more.

The above, therefore, lends itself to unforgettable African experiences, venture out on exciting game drives, one never knows what surprises the bush has in store as nature moves to her own rhythm and plays by her own rules. Walking safaris provide an opportunity to observe and experience the intricacies of the bush, nature, and wildlife at close quarters. Water activities by motorboat or mokoro (canoe) are synonymous with the Okavango Delta. Motorboats are used to explore deep-water lagoons, channels, and meandering waterways, whereas mokoros are ideally suited to shallow channels and floodplains.  Another treat is horseback safaris where keen riders are able to enjoy the game-rich areas that offer this exciting and truly special experience.

Friendly and welcoming, Botswana is home to a rich and diverse heritage, with a plethora of traditional dances, music, and crafts that reflect the country’s culture. In the desert areas learn the ancient survival, hunting, and tracking skills of the San people.

With upwards of 450 native birds and a myriad of rare and lesser-seen species birding is exceptional, especially from the end of September when migrant birds from cooler northern climates arrive. During the breeding season, it is said Botswana’s birding population increases by approximately a third.

Centered around conservation and sustainability; several policies have been implemented to protect and preserve not only the many animals that call it home but the natural habitats and ecosystems that exist within borders as well.

A photographer’s dream come true, the vast and magnificent landscapes make for stunning backdrops. Wildlife photographers of all experience levels frequent the country in hopes to get the perfect shot.