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South Africa




South Africa





Come share “Our Africa”

The azure waters stretch from the beach to the horizon at Alphonse Island. The land of giants offers Botswana a taste for every pallet, a gentle river cruise, or traversing the game-rich plains. From Zimbabwe, the home of Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the natural world, to Zambia, the true untamed Africa. From the hustle and bustle of South Africa’s history-rich cities to the cool, calm, and collected beaches of Mozambique. Walk with the Gorillas, our closest primate relatives in Rwanda and Gabon to the most remarkable mammal migration the world has ever seen in East Africa.

This is what Africa has to offer - this is “Our Africa.”

Expect the Unexpected

From the four corners of the planet, from all walks of life, Our Africa remains a destination worthy of royalty. Where bustling cities and nightlife transition into sandy white beaches then morph into the vast landscapes of the bushveld. Our Africa has something for you, it will take you, hold you and never let you go.

Our long lived and much-loved hand selected partners share our vision of sustainable tourism. Conservation and community upliftment programs are of supreme importance. Our Africa and its natural, cultural, and humanitarian resources need to be looked after by one and all, take with you only memories, leave only footprints.

Game viewing in Southern Africa is known all over the world, a plethora of birds singing you awake in time for breakfast, luncheon while the elephants bathe, the lions’ roar resonating throughout dinner, you will never find a game experience anywhere in the world that will ever compare to Our Africa.

Zip off to the ethnically rich and culturally diverse South Africa, wine tastings, shopping, hiking on Table Mountain, exploring flora kingdoms, shark cage diving, a taste for every bud, an activity for every member of every family.

From the velvet ropes and red-carpet treatment of our most exclusive and remote destinations to those more ready to rough it. Should you prefer your own island with azure-coloured waters, the sand between your toes, in the heart of the Indian ocean, Alphonse Island awaits you with open arms and warm sunshine. Machaba Blue will never leave you wanting.

Guest Reviews

"We had so many unforgettable experiences and met so many kind people. The staff in all the camps were outstanding and the guides we had were all so knowledgeable - we came away feeling as though we had received an education in the Bush! Please convey our gratitude to all concerned, we truly had an amazing time."

Rob, Jane, Peter, Julia & JanetUnited Kingdom

“It was the most incredible trip! We loved all the camps and experiences."

Luke Baker

"I had a wonderful time and hope to be back in the future. I will definitely recommend Machaba! Best regards"


"We all had such a wonderful time as a family at Verney's camp thanks to the incredible staff.
Nothing was too much for them and they truly made us feel so welcome and at home."

Carla Poppleton

"Thank you for all your attention to detail in planning this incredible journey for us. We are home in Arizona now and looking forward to returning to Africa in the future. Thanks again"

Lynn Ullman

"We are back in Dubai and I would like to thank you for your superb support and patience in answering all my questions.
You are so kind and wonderful.
We had a great experience."


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